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Renee Pearson Dr.

➢ American Pathologist

➢ ACVP Board Certification in Clinical Pathology

➢ Over 28 years of experience in the field of toxicologic clinical pathology. Performed multiple medical studies. Lecturer for the FDA Staff College Course in clinical pathology.

➢ She authored thousands of professional clinical pathology reports.

G.David Young Dr.

➢ American Pathologist, DACVP

➢ Thirty-plus years’ experience in biomedical research. Research areas include oncology and biomarker development, infectious disease research and toxicological pathology.

➢ Co-founder of Flagship Biosciences, an innovative technology company in the art and development of computational image analysis in support of drug development and clinical applications of targeted therapies.

Matthew D. Reed Dr.

➢ American Toxicologist

➢ Twenty-plus years’ experience in designing preclinical safety study protocol of hundreds of small molecule, biological product, oligonucleotide and medical device.

➢ He’s specialized in respiratory device and drug delivery.

➢ He has provided professional consulting services for several drug discovery projects.

Alan Liss Dr.

➢ A Ph.D. in Microbiology with over 25 years of successful experience focusing on development and manufacturing of biologics and vaccines.

➢ Designed and executed effective US and global manufacturing strategies to support the improvement of quality and compliance for biopharmaceutical companies.

➢ Evaluated manufacturing suitability and compliance profiles for global biologics manufacturers.


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